About CVIDA (Quality-of-Life Care Association )
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The Asociación CVIDA (Quality-of-Life Care Association - CVIDA Association) starts activity in 2006 promoted by the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) with the support of Generalitat Valenciana.

CVIDA involves companies and institutions that aim to contribute to people’s health and wellbeing improvement. They are committed, responsible and pioneer organizations towards innovation to serve people. People are the focus of their activity as beneficiaries of the technologies and services for the improvement of their quality of life.

During the last years, CVIDA companies have experienced a sustained turnover growth, 3 points higher than Spanish average.

Quality-of-life care is the main value of this dynamic sector, whose competitive dimension is very relevant for economic and social development.


CVIDA commitment:

CVIDA Association and its members are working to boost the quality-of-life care sector:

  • Adopting quality and socially responsible business practices.
  • Setting up constructive links and cooperative networks with institutions and other agents.
  • Raising society awareness about the benefits of products and services designed for people’s health and wellbeing.
  • Innovating and performing as leaders in their activity, betting on value creation.
  • Acting professionally, investing in human capital and training.










CVIDA advantages:

CVIDA companies and institutions are part of an innovative collective project with strong economic impact and social appreciation that allows:

  • To get differentiation and reputation in the market and society.
  • To participate in a fertile environment that generates business and collaboration opportunities.
  • To base their market and innovation strategy on competitive intelligence studies.
  • To broaden their international vision to new markets for their products and services.
  • To get profit from collective communication and promotion activities and strategies.
  • To receive updated alerts and support to apply to innovation funds.


The CVIDA-IBV innovation model


DiagramaInnovacion_InglesIn order to create opportunities for economic and social development, CVIDA Association and the IBV have designed an innovation model that contributes to people’s sustainable quality-of-life.

This innovation model covers the complete life cycle of products and ser

vices, since their conception, design and manufacture, until provision, use and withdrawal/recycling.

This innovation model aims at transforming quality-of-life into a competitive advantage for manufacturers and suppliers of people-oriented products and services, including the involvement of PEOPLE along with other agents, such as COMPANIES, PROFESSIONALS, RESEARCH and TECHNOLOGiCAL centers, and GOVERNMENT.


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