Trends 2009: Sellsummers
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In many of our previous monthly briefings and annual reports, we’ve highlighted consumers who no longer just, well, consume, but actually create, participate and contribute. Now, the economic recession is ´helping´ to spread this ever-evolving trend among cash-strapped ordinary consumers (as opposed to just 20-something digital ´Wunderkindern´ ;-). Expect plenty of novel ways for consumers to make some money on the side. After all, if saving is the new spending, then making money—from selling personal assets, properties and creations—outshines saving. In a nutshell: SELLSUMERS: Whether it’s selling their insights to corporations, hawking their creative output to fellow consumers, or renting out unused assets, consumers will increasingly become SELLSUMERS, too. Made possible by the online revolution’s great democratization of demand and supply, and further fueled by a global recession that leaves consumers strapped for cash, the SELLSUMERS phenomenon is yet another manifestation of the mega-trend that is ´consumer participation´.

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